Monday, January 15, 2018

Mixing Patterns Using Big Bold Buffalo Checks

Are you noticing buffalo checks everywhere?  I am and I'm loving the look.
I believe the checks make a statement and work best when mixed with other patterns.

Here are some guidelines when mixing patterns:

1.   Choose one loved pattern.  Mine at the moment is buffalo check.

2.  Select a common color(s).  Black and white checks are my favorite.  Next beige or brown, then blue.  It's all a personal preference. 

3.  Make sure you distribute that color(s) evenly throughout the room.

4.  Select different patterns.  Three patterns work.

5.  Balance geometrics, stripes, plaids, chevrons, and dots with softer patterns like toile, florals, animal print, or botanicals.


For clarification, here are some mix and match fabric combos that include buffalo checks.



Source:  Pinterest

These mix and match pillows are another example.  
You have a buffalo check, a polka dot, and a floral plus two repeating colors.

Caitlin Wilson

There is buffalo check, toile, ticking stripe, a geometric, and a small pattern in this room.
The orange color breaks up the brown and beige.  It all works. 


This is my absolute favorite room with buffalo checks.
Notice that the transferware plates are the toile pattern.
The fern adds a pop of green and the natural wood table and chair add texture.


You don't have to put the buffalo check on your furniture.  A black and white checked pillow matches perfectly with leopard and green.


Here's another space with a lot going on. 
Would you ever think to combine navy with brown and all these patterns?


Plaid, ethnic, buffalo check, and stripes.  Yes.
The art even has a pattern.


Buffalo checks on the window seat, a large pattern on the red pillows, and stripes on the other.


Buffalo checks and florals.


Buffalo checks and paisley.


Red, white, and blue.
Checks, geometrics, and stripes.


Are you on board the buffalo checks train?

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Our Florentine-Inspired 2017 Christmas Tree

I wasn't sure we were going to get it done, but we just finished decorating our tree.

Check out the tree skirt.  Yep, that's my faux fur coat that I grabbed from the closet.  I've used vintage fur stoles, table runners and sequined jackets under my trees too.

Faux Fur Coat As A Tree Skirt
I would call this year's tree florentine-inspired.

My Florentine-Inspired Tree

The rhinestone garland reminds me of vintage belts.

Rhinestone Garland

The pearl sunburst is double sided and very heavy.

Pearl Sunburst Ornament

The sage green velvet ribbon has rows of rhinestones.  I wove the ribbon vertically through the tree.  For me, it's easier than wrapping it around the tree horizontally.

Sage Velvet Ribbon With Rhinestones

I left the Versace poster in place.  Underneath the poster I centered my deconstructed foot stool from my living room.  I put my over-sized books on to the foot stool and added a lamp base, some magnolia and a florentine print on an easel.  Of course I couldn't help but let the tree decor overflow on to the foot stool.

I was surprised with the unexpected sparkle the lights cast on the poster.

Notice the outline of the lamp base in the background.

I even replaced my MCM mirror with this vintage Italian beauty.

Vintage Florentine Mirror

Wishing everyone a very wonderful holiday season.

To see last year's tree, go here.

2016 Christmas Tree