Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Florals Are Back

Yes, I've been seeing florals everywhere.  The florals I remember are the large cabbage rose prints.  Many years ago I had a guest room with florals.  I covered the walls, used the same pattern on the draperies, and even used some fabric for a dust ruffle.  The pattern looked a lot like the fabric on this sofa (pictured below) had exploded all over the room.  
Needless to say, I LOVED that room.


I think the florals I'm seeing today have a more modern twist.  But, no matter what color or size of the floral, I'm still in love.  Check out these modern florals and tell me what you think.








So who's with me on the bigger, bolder, modern twist on florals?

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Leopard Print Love and Always Some Sparkle

I don't think I ever will get tired of leopard print anything.  
It's sprinkled throughout my home and now I'm introducing it to the store too.  
Of course I've kept some of these animal print accessories for myself.
FYI, the pillows are velvet.

It's not all leopard.  There's always some sparkle in my space too.

Vase with gold polka dots and gold trinket box, yes.

I always have a mix at each sale.  So, it's not all leopard and sparkle------maybe.

I don't do much for Fall decor, but I did add some turkeys.

I'm so excited about this fabulous vintage Henredon desk, pair of Shaker-style arm chairs, and of course the Snooty Fox pillow.

Hope you locals can join us for our last Fall sale this weekend October 6-8 @

When I get a minute I'll share where all the leopard and sparkle found a home with me.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

How I Layer

It's our first Fall tag sale and I'm all about layering this month.  
Whenever we hear layering, fashion and accessorizing comes to mind.  After all, Fall fashion is about layering. Did you know though that layering works with design and display too?  In design, layering is the conscious effort of stacking design elements upon design elements.  The result is a unique space that has texture, depth, interest, and richness.  You can layer with decorative elements as well as with color, texture, pattern, shapes, or style.  

In this first image, the Dorothy Draper style dresser sets the tone and the style for this grouping.  Stacked books are one of my favorite ways to layer as is the repetition of black and white.  Did you notice that I layered the dog with some pearls.

Have you ever layered a mirror over a bookshelf?  This adds depth, interest and uniqueness.
I've layered a mirror over a window too.  You can substitute a piece of artwork for the mirror and hang it over your bookshelf or window as well.

Here is a close up of the two sides of the bookshelf.  If you don't already know, I'm obsessed with jewelry.  Draping necklaces and bracelets over books and objects is layering too.

Here's a view of one section of my space.  Can you spot the layering?
Hint:  texture, color, pattern, style mix.

Did you notice the patterned throw and pillow layered over the linen on the bench and the laurel wreath stacked onto both of them?

I added depth by layering the olive jars and additional depth and texture with the chippy wall sconce and the crinkled canvas wall art as a back drop.  There's also a mix of wood--the dough bowl and the bread boards--- as well as a mix of metal---the mirrors.

What about the sunburst mirror layered on the oversized book? The texture of the furniture piece and on the gold books?  The pattern in the pillows?

In this next grouping there's a mix of pattern and materials.

Notice the mix of glass and metal and some vertical layering.  On the bottom a coverless book adds texture.  Stacked onto it is another book, a crown under the demi-john, and a necklace wrapped around the bottle's neck to top it off.  The picture frame is layered in front of the demi-john.

You can achieve depth by placing decorative objects in front of each other.  First the bottles in the crate, then the framed print behind them, and the sheep weathervane peeking from behind it all.   I've also added interest by only showing partial sections of the objects.  Did you notice the hint of wooden arrows between the bottle crates?  What about the texture of the table apron?

Can you spot the pair of twin beds nestled within the horizontal layering?
The throw, the canvas wall art, the print, clock, and the baskets add depth and interest.

How do you layer in your home?
What do you add to your home design to add interest and uniqueness?

I hope to see everyone at our sale is weekend.
Please stop by our website to see what my partners have too.
Link:  Buckeystown Design Co-op

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Color Combo: Kelly Green and Black

You all know I'm a fan of kelly green.   Playing it off some black is my favorite color combination.
See if you agree.







So, are you a fan of green and black?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Store Display Ideas to Steal for Your Home

In my opinion, no one does store display better than Anthropologie.  Their merchandising is unique, creative, and always out-of-the-box.  I'm inspired and awed by their presentations.  I don't know about you, but I always take something away from their displays that I can use in my own home.

Not that I can even come close to Anthro's creativity, but I thought I'd share some ideas from this month's sale at our store, Buckeystown Design Co-op, that you could steal and use in your home.

We all have books on our shelves.  Did you ever think about using candlesticks as bookends instead?  These candleholders are made from porch balustraudes and perfectly support the books as well as adding interest to this dresser top.  Just for fun I added a crown instead of a candle to the candlestick and draped a beaded garland over the books.


When vintage books have uneven ruffled pages, or even marbleized edges, I turn the spine to the back and let the decorative pages show instead.


I always use architectural fragments in my displays.  One of my favorite fragments are large chippy corbels.  I used this fabulous piece as an easel.  It supports another book, but it could just as easily support a piece of art, a small mirror, a picture frame, or an interesting find.


Multiples always work.  I think groupings of threes or another odd numbered multiple works the best.  I even wrote about my fascination with threes in a previous blog post.  Click on this link to read it. 
You can also view my blog post about threes in my home here.


Trays aren't just for food.  They can hold treasures or be changed up seasonally for holidays.   Note:  my metal tray is filled with a mix of sizes and textures.  What pulls it all together is the repeat of the colors gold, silver, and metallics.  Repetition is another of my go to display ideas.

Post office cubbies can hold your wine stash too.
See how I used post office boxes in my home here.

Another idea for repurposing is to use the drawers in an apothecary cabinet as a jewelry box.


So, in a nutshell:

Repeated Color
Out-of-the-Box Uses of Accessories
Mix of New and Vintage
Groupings of Like Items
Mix of Textures
Mix of Sizes and Heights
Books as Risers/Pedestals

( I've written about this in more detail before here.)

I'm looking forward to seeing all you Washington DC locals this weekend at the coop.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cottage Garden 2017

I sometimes feel that my cottage garden is a bit unruly, even a bit out of control with its crowded bursts of color.   As the summer progresses though and the blooms take turns at center stage, I'm amazed at the variety of color and form.  One other thing I love about the cottage garden is the number of bees and butterflies in my yard.  Here are some of my most recent blooms.

I've had this speedwell for a while in the garden.  It's a deep purple that plays off the lighter purples of my lavender and russian sage.

Next to the speedwell is some salvia.  It popped up this year next to the speedwell.  The red/purple color combo is very appealing.  I love volunteer surprises.

The newest addition to my garden is a hydrangea tree.  It's about five feet tall and the blooms are so gorgeous.  It adds some height to the garden.  You can see the russian sage at its base and the lantana in the foreground.

My lantana is so happy that its growing beyond its bed and onto the sidewalk.  Oh how I wish it were a perennial in the north.  It thrives in the sun and heat.

Did you know that there's a perennial hibiscus plant?  In just one year mine has grown into a large shrub with enormous blooms.

I love how it weaves its way through my garden fence.

I hate that this perennial is called a joe pye weed.  
It has been covered with butterflies since it bloomed and doesn't look like a weed to me at all.

Do you have a cottage garden?